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Earl Grey Black Tea, Green Tea and London Fog Tea Latte

Earl Grey Green and Black – Two Earl Grey Teas You’ll Love

Earl Grey is one of the most popular teas in the world. The distinct flavor of Earl Grey comes from bergamot, a citrus fruit. It is traditionally layered onto black tea from China and Sri Lanka. These days, you can even find Earl Grey made with green tea.

So how did much of the world come to fall in love with this citrus infused black tea? British through-and-through, it is assumed to be named after the Second Earl of Grey, Charles Grey, who was British Prime Minister in the 1830s. The story goes on to say the Earl received a diplomatic gift of Chinese black tea flavored with bergamot oil. The Earl’s wife loved the tea so much it was the only tea she served when she entertained. The tea became very popular with London society.

…And the rest is history!

While the Second Earl of Grey was Prime Minister he reformed child labor laws in England, among other notable leadership accomplishments. However, he will be most remembered for the tea he and his wife introduced to the world.

Have you tried a London Fog? Add steamed milk and a dash of vanilla syrup to your cup.

Premium Earl Grey Tea

Here are two Earl Grey teas that you are sure to love:

Premium Earl Grey Black Tea

Premium Earl Grey black tea

The unmistakable aroma of real bergamot citrus oil greets you as soon as you open the tea package. The dry leaves are thin, expertly twisted and uniform in shape, which imparts a consistent flavor into the tea. Bright notes of fruity bergamot greet you, giving way to deep malty tones. The balance of citrus and muscat grape lighten the cup while the earthy, chocolatey undertones of Ceylon and Yunnan black tea unfold to create a smooth, complex cup.

Here’s what one customer says about our Earl Grey: “I thought I wasn’t an Earl Grey fan. I was wrong. I think this might be my new favorite morning brew. The citrus/bergamot scent, while very strong in the loose leaves, is the perfect amount in the brewed tea. Perfect alone, sans milk!”

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Pink Earl Grey Green Tea

Pink Earl Grey Green Tea

Surprise! Brilliant pink rosebuds and petals greet you. The decadent, creamy aroma is followed by tart rhubarb and floral flavors at your first sip. The green tea offers just enough earthiness and grassiness to ground the other flavors, while a hint of bergamot introduces a fragrant and tangy punch. This blend of flavors comes together in a delicious and unexpected way that sets it apart from every Earl Grey you’ve tried before.

One customer raves: “Wonderful! Delicate and fragrant, this aesthetically pleasing and delicious tea is a true delight. As an avid fan of the classic Earl Grey, I had no idea a pink version even existed, and am so glad to have stumbled across it- it has officially been added into the rotation of my daily ‘cuppa’s’. Although I’m sure it is delightful on its own, I prefer to enjoy mine with a bit of almond milk and honey- so delicious!”

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  • October 29, 2018

    oooo these blends sound really nice! that pink earl grey looks interesting to say the least.

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