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white blueberry organic white tea

Final Tea Trivia Question! Win $100 in Free Tea

It’s time for our final Tea Trivia question! Test your tea knowledge for a chance to win a $100 Fusion Teas Gift Certificate. For every question you answer correctly, you’ll get one entry into the drawing.

The third and final tea trivia brings the focus to our smooth and ohhh so flavorful white tea:

Tea Trivia #3:

Which statement is true? White Tea is:

A – Medium Oxidized
B – High in Caffeine
C – Minimally Processed

(Need a hint? Check out our Tea Types Page.)
Enter the Drawing Now!

Our sweet and fragrant white teas are a joy to sip. You may find fresh notes of nectar, melon or grape, along with a light earthiness and zero astringency.

Steep white tea at a cooler water temperature around 165-185 degrees. Since white tea has large, full leaves, add a little more leaf to the brew. Try our fabulous white teas:

Bai Mudan Organic White Tea

Bai Mu Dan White Tea

Golden Pear Peony White Tea

Golden Pear Peony White Tea

Organic Silver Needle White Tea

Organic Silver Needle White Tea

White Blueberry White Tea

White Blueberry Organic White Tea

You still have time to answer our two other trivia questions for additional entries into the drawing:

Trivia 1: Hibiscus Tea is rich in what vitamin?

Trivia 2: What country does Darjeeling Tea come from?  

We’ll be entering all correct answers into a draw on July 2, 2020, and announce the winner on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned!

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