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What is White Tea?

This prized tea comes from the young, unopened buds and first leaf of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis. These buds and leaves are painstakingly hand-picked, withered, and dried in the sun before they have a chance to oxidize. The reward is a light, golden cup of sweet, delicate flavor. White tea is the least processed of the teas which contribute to its delicate and light uniqueness.

White tea, as we know it today, originated in the Fujian province of China in the 17th century. This was the birthplace of loose-leaf white tea. Eventually, white tea expanded beyond the border of the Fujian province including many other countries such as India, Malawi, Kenya, and Sri Lanka making it accessible to more people.

Over the years, white tea has grown in popularity and has become recognized for its many healthy benefits. This exquisite tea has a few different varieties based on the method of picking and processing.

White Tea Varieties

Bai Hao Yin Zhen – Only the Bud

This tea, known more as Silver Needle, is the classic Chinese white tea which, to be a true Silver Needle, is cultivated from the original variety of China’s white tea plant. It is pulled from the large, sturdy buds that are covered in silvery-white fuzz. This is what gives the tea its name. It is low in caffeine and high in antioxidants. While this tea is a more expensive blend, it yields multiple infusions for a more delightful experience.

Bai Mu Dan – Two Leaves and a Bud

In contrast to the Silver Needle variety, this tea, also known as White Peony, has a very different aesthetic. The leaves are often a blend of buds and unfurled or slightly opened young tea leaves. As opposed to Silver Needle, this tea is far more ubiquitous and less expensive and is perfect for blending with other ingredients such as delicious mint and fruit.

Bai Mu Dan Infusions

Raspberry Champagne White Tea

The pale champagne liquor of this beautifully floral and subtle raspberry tea is reflective of its soft and delicate nuanced flavor.

Peach Fuzz White Tea
Peach Fuzz White Tea

The succulent flavors of southern peaches shine through this complex and delicate brew making for a sweet and malty mélange of cheery fruit flavors.

White Thunder | Mint White Tea

With the addition of spearmint and peppermint, this Bai Mu Dan infusion becomes a stimulating soft, and woodsy welcome to the traditional white tea.

If you’re looking for a minimally processed, sophisticated, and complex cup full of healthy antioxidants and delicate nuances of flavor then you must try our assortment of white teas. Pick a variety that speaks to you and order today!

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