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Is Tea Allowed During Intermittent Fasting?

I have done intermittent fasting and it has helped me blast below plateaus in my weight loss journey. I was able to drop the last 10lbs of my 36lb weight loss due to intermittent fasting.

Is tea allowed during the fasting period of intermittent fasting? The short answer is absolutely! Intermittent fasting simply means zero calories during a specified time and only consuming calories within a specified window. If tea is straight and pure, without the additives like milk and sugar, you are good to go.

What is intermittent fasting?

While intermittent fasting is not new, it is somewhat trending at the moment. While other weight loss methods involve diets that regulate what you eat, intermittent fasting is more concerned with when you eat.

There are varying methods for intermittent fasting. The most popular are as follows.

16/8 Method: This is where you spend 16 hours fasting and only 8 hours consuming calories. This was my method of choice when I reached my weight loss goal.

24 hour fast: This is where you fast for a full 24 hours about once or twice a week. This is not my favorite and wasn’t very effective for me. There are also other variations of this method.

5:2 Method: This is where you get to eat like you normally do for 5 days. However, 2 of the days in between, you are only able to eat between 500 to 600 calories.

Whatever method you choose to go with, you’ve got to find ways to enjoy the time between meals.

Why is tea and intermittent fasting so ideal?

During the fasting periods you are able to drink fluids as long as what you’re consuming has no calories.

While water is refreshing and you should be drinking plenty of it, sometimes you just have to switch things up. Tea is a great way to do that for four main reasons.

  1. Tea, especially Yerba Mate, is great at suppressing your appetite.
  2. It may help with digestion.
  3. Pure teas & mates may boost your energy without the crash.
  4. Tea provides essential antioxidants that water just can’t.

Fusion Teas has a wide variety of teas to choose from that are all perfect options while you undertake your intermittent fasting journey. To help get you started, we have compiled a list of a few of our favorites.

Our Top Teas for Fasting:

Bai Mu Dan White Tea Loose Leaf Tea

Bai Mu Dan – Organic White Tea

This is a must-try white tea (even when you aren’t fasting). The soft gold infusion smells sweet, peachy and floral. The flavor is nutty, with a clear melon taste and notes of hay and fresh wildflowers. A green, herbaceous flavor hints at thyme, while the overall character is a perfect balance of sweet and savory. Each sip ends with a refreshing, nutty note.

Citrus Mint Loose Leaf Green Tea

Citrus Mint Green Tea

The beautiful dry leaf, blended with lemongrass and slices of orange, emits a mint-forward aroma. The first sip of this golden liquor is a nicely balanced mix of clear green tea, spearmint and citrus. The lemongrass adds zest and brightens the flavor balance. The aftertaste is lightly sweet. Lemony and minty flavors come together with the steamed green tea to yield a refreshing, delightful harmony.

Roasted Loose Leaf Yerba Mate

Roasted Yerba Mate – Organic

Perfect simplicity is achieved with this classic roasted yerba mate. The single ingredient has a smooth autumnal character and roasty flavor. The aroma of the dry leaf is a little earthy, and that comes through in each sip as well. Roasting the leaf gives it a sweeter tone, almost a caramel note, which balances the leaves’ natural astringency.

Straight Hibiscus Loose Leaf Tisane

Hibiscus – Straight

Pure hibiscus is packed with vitamin C. Bold and tart, with a touch of mellow earthiness, this brew is delicious on its own. This hibiscus tisane has an intense, cranberry-like flavor, hint of citrus and a touch of sour. Perfect chilled and served over ice.

Cranberry Citrus Burst Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea

Cranberry Citrus Burst Rooibos

The quintessential combo of tart cranberries and sweet orange is anchored by woodsy rooibos in this naturally caffeine-free infusion. And the hibiscus brightens it up just a bit more! Not only delicious to drink, rooibos is packed with vitamins and minerals. Rooibos offers beneficial potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron, which contribute to bone growth and help oxygenate the blood.

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