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Power up with Yerba Mate, “the drink of the gods”

If you haven’t tried yerba mate, you’re in for a treat! Yerba Mate (pronounced YUR-ba MAH-tay) is a South American herb grown in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

The tea was originally drunk by the Guarani Indians, who sipped it from a gourd and offered it as a symbol of hospitality. They considered yerba mate to be healthy for both the body and the soul, calling it “the drink of the gods.”

You’ll understand when you try yerba mate for yourself. It is robust and earthy, with an energizing caffeine kick that doesn’t give you the jitters. It’s the perfect way to jump-start
your morning, wean yourself off of coffee or burn the midnight oil.

This week we’re sharing some of our favorite yerba mate teas for feeling ‘all-powerful’:

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Try these powerful yerba mate teas:

Yerba Mate Sampler Set

A set of five of our most popular yerba mate teas makes the perfect introduction to the world of yerba mate.

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Caramel Cream Yerba Mate

Dessert in a cup! A decadent blend of sweet caramel pieces and toasty yerba mate. Rooibos and chicory add depth.

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Good Morning Yerba Mate

A best seller! Lively cinnamon and clove are balanced by creamy coconut and cocoa bits for a chai-like infusion.

Yerba Mate for Coffee Lovers

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