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Herbal Infusions with High Caffeine

Fuel up with our top high-caffeine brews!

We all want the motivation and greater energy to conquer our everyday tasks. The steady stream you get from drinking tea and herbal infusions that naturally contain caffeine can help eliminate fatigue and promote vitality. They may also enhance intellectual work.

Have you tried robust and invigorating yerba mate? (Pronounced YUR-ba MAH-tay.) It comes from a plant native to Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and isn’t a true tea, meaning it does not come from the Camilla sinesis plant. Jumpstart your morning with a perfectly brewed cup. If you are new to yerba mate try our Yerba Mate Tea Sampler.

Yerba mate is a very popular brew in South America, and with good reason. This delicious beverage, with a distinct herbal quality, provides a caffeine kick without the jitters. It’s a favorite among recovering coffee addicts and those burning the midnight oil. In addition to caffeine, the leaves of the mate tree contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and abundant antioxidants.

See our Caffeine-O-Meter for details and comparisons of caffeine levels of your favorite drinks.  If you’re interested in learning more about caffeine check out our blog post Caffeine in Coffee vs. Tea.

Good Morning Yerba Mate

Those who love chai will adore this blend! This spicy brew brings several flavors together in a delicious cup and just may replace your morning coffee ritual.  The cobalt blue cornflower petals contrast beautifully with the reddish hues of the roasted mate and rooibos. The well-balanced combination of cinnamon and cloves offers a deep, rich infusion. A spiciness shines through.

Caramel Cream Yerba Mate

All of the bits and pieces and chunks in this mate blend let you know that you’re in for a flavorful cup. The aroma is cake-like and creamy. The bold flavors of the roasted mate, rooibos and chicory create a hearty, decadent infusion with a smoky undertone, while marigold flowers add subtleties. The character of the roasted mate is similar to coffee, especially with the chicory in the blend.

Organic Green Yerba Mate

This straightforward, traditional green yerba mate offers a ton of flavor and benefit in a single ingredient.  Short flat leaves of the wild yerba mate shrub steep into a light green infusion packed with strong earthy flavors. Similar to some green teas, this unroasted green yerba mate has a slightly vegetal, herbal flavor is both fortifying and satisfying.

Extreme Mango Yerba Mate

Did someone say fruit-forward? This is a luscious explosion of fruit and tropical sweetness! From the big chunks of mango and pineapple, to the heady fruit notes in the infused tea, this is a satisfying fruit medley from start to finish. Notes of ripe mango make this tea juicy and sweet, while a hint of citrus plays in the background. Yerba mate offers a pleasant bite that complements the tropical fruits perfectly.

Very Berry Guayusa

The naturally occurring caffeine in guayusa provides a bright boost of energy. Elderberry, blackberry, strawberry, rose hips, raspberry and hibiscus each add their own distinct flavors to this blend. It’s a little sweet and very tart and supported by an earthy, green note of Organic Green Guayusa (a close relative of yerba mate).

Read our blog for more about yerba mate.

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