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Pure Teas

Pure teas are the perfect way to reboot your system, mentally and physically, and even sensually and emotionally. With no added ingredients of any kind, each of our pure teas lets you dive deep into the complex flavors to be found in the simple tea leaf. (For the purest of the pure, learn about our organic teas.)

At first the flavors may seem subtle, without the fireworks and sparkles of our flavored blends. But after a few sips, you may start to notice layers of complexity unfolding… Is that a hint of sweet corn in the aroma? A lingering aftertaste of strawberry? Perhaps notes of dark chocolate or maple syrup…

As you clear your mind and focus on the year ahead, we hope you’ll discover new horizons opening up, unfurling just like leaves in your teacup. Here are a few of our favorite pure teas:


Ready to go green? Here are a few of our favorite pure greens:

  • Everyday MatchaA potent, powdered Japanese green tea which can be enjoyed by itself or blended into tea lattes and smoothies, and even used as a superfood ingredient in some of your favorite foods. Grassy and vegetal, with hints of bittersweet chocolate.
  • Organic White Monkey: Creamy notes of honey and rose are balanced with crisp nectarine and toasted walnuts. Bonus: White tea is famed for its health benefits.
  • Sencha Supreme: Rich body and a smooth grassy notes create a satisfying infusion for any time of day. The quintessential Japanese green tea!

Sometimes, black is the new black:

  • Organic Sungma DarjeelingClean, bright notes of citrus and muscat grape come to the forefront. Lighter than most black teas, this tea yields a delicate, woodsy cup with deep complexity.
  • Organic Royal Yunnan Black Tea: Smooth and sweet with lush chocolatey overtones and a spicy, earthy finish.
  • Assam Black Tea: Robust and malty, this bold tea tastes great by itself or with a splash of milk and sugar. Love English Breakfast tea blends? You’ve got to try this pure tea!

Power up for the day with these energizing oolongs:

Each of these pure oolong teas has a completely different flavor. With strong depth and complexity, they’re the perfect teas to jump start your morning or reboot your afternoon.

  • Monkey Picked OolongFresh and floral with notes of caramel and orchids. This tea has a smooth, buttery mouthfeel that leaves you feeling calm and inspired. Learn more about our Monkey Picked Oolong here.
  • Oriental Beauty: Beautiful rainbow-hued leaves yield a sweet, muscatel cup. Notes of gardenia and honey infuse the golden-red infusion.
  • Dark Pearl Formosa: A warm, roasty tea with a fresh finish. Hints of caramelized sugar, earthy peat and toasted almonds unfold in layers of complexity…

Ease into the afternoon or wrap up your evening with a velvety white tea:

Silver Needle White Tea is made exclusively with the tender buds of the tea plant, rather than mature tea leaves. The result is a delicate tea with silver downy leaves and a sublimely smooth flavor.

Notes of sweet cream, toasted nuts and honeysuckle infuse the liquor. With such a delicate flavor, Silver Needle is a true connoisseur’s tea, perfect for lunch or afternoon tea breaks.

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