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Roasted Cocoa Yerba Mate: A Modern Take on an Ancient Drink

Yerba maté is an ancient drink, and today it is popular throughout most of South America. For many generations, yerba maté was the drink of choice of South American gauchos (cowboys), who ate pretty much nothing but beef during their time on the range. They supplemented their diets with ample amounts of maté for much-needed vitamins and minerals.

Today, in many parts of South America, people love their maté on the go. They carry drinking gourds or insulated flasks and yerba maté leaves with them whenever they leave the house, then stop at one of the many hot water stations along the road whenever they need a refill. You can steep maté for several minutes at a time and re-steep numerous times without the infusion becoming bitter.

Our crafted Roasted Cocoa Yerba Maté blend from Argentina is a creamy and hearty cup. It’s packed with flavor, yet mellow in its infusion. The layers of flavor begin with the hearty base of maté, rooibos and chicory combined together. Then, almond slices, a bit of barley, and toasted rice add texture and depth to the infusion. Chocolate chips add just the right level of bitterness and a touch of sweetness.

The visual is just as appealing with the variety of leaf and twigs, and whole carob chips contrasted against marigold flower. The infusion is rich and dark.


This Yerba mate blend is a delicious alternative for looking for an alternative to coffee that doesn’t sacrifice its full, rich flavor. Yerba mate offers both nutrition and sustained energy; the robust caffeine level just may give you the boost you are looking for in the morning or afternoon. And the blend is so rich tasting there is no need to add any of that caloric artificially-sweetened creamer.

Part of the holly plant family, Yerba maté can be drank green or roasted. This roasted maté makes a great shaken cocktail. When shaken, it gets foamy and takes on a creamy texture. Enjoy it hot or cold!


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