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What is a Low-alcohol Tea Cocktail

What is a Low-alcohol Tea Cocktail

Low-alcohol is all the rage right now. As more people seek out delicious, relaxing drinks that provide a light buzz (rather than outright drunkenness), low-alcohol cocktails are getting a lot of love and attention. This is especially true in California, as their nickname, ‘Cali-sober’ cocktails, implies.

Low-alcohol tea cocktails are a great choice for you if you:

  • don’t want to go totally sober but DO want to reduce alcohol consumption
  • find that full-strength cocktails are a bit much for you at this stage in your life
  • enjoy delicious and enticing drinks, but hate the way you feel the day after you’ve over-indulged

Ready to try going ‘Cali-sober’ with some tasty low-alcohol cocktails? We’re here to help!

Getting creative with your mixes lets you enjoy without overindulging. Add a flavorful (and in the case for tea, healthful) main ingredient to your cocktail and the amount of alcohol naturally goes down.

Combinations for delicious tea cocktails are almost endless. Tea and whiskey add another level to fall and winter drinks. Creamy liqueurs play nicely with many flavored teas. Chai spices pair perfectly with spiced rum. Think about the fall flavors you love and have fun!

“All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong but like it a little stronger with each year that passes.”
– George Orwell

Check out these three simple tea cocktail recipes that are spot-on for fall, below.

Turmeric Chai Tea

Spicy, Creamy Turmeric Chai Tea Cocktail

This good-for-you cocktail is super simple to make. Nourishing turmeric is known to contain antioxidants that may help prevent inflammation and boost the immune system.

1 Tablespoon Turmeric Chai Black Tea
8 ounces water just under a boil
1 ounce Irish cream (Baileys, etc.)
2 cinnamon sticks optional, for garnish

Brew your Turmeric Chai Black Tea double strength for 4-5 minutes. Strain into your favorite mug. Add Irish cream and stir with a cinnamon stick. Cheers!

Apple Butter Oolong

Apple Buttered Rum Oolong

This decadent oolong cocktail is aromatic, baked goodness in a mug. The smooth oolong makes the perfect base. Bits of apricot and white hibiscus add a brightness that takes this cocktail to the next level.

1 Tablespoon Apple Butter Oolong
8 ounces water just under a boil
1 ounce dark or spiced rum

Brew Apple Butter Oolong double strength for 4 minutes. Strain into a clear glass cup or mug. Pour in rum, mix and enjoy.

Note: Oolongs are suitable for multiple infusions so hold on to your leaves to make another cup after.

Ginger Hot Toddy

Warm up with a fall classic. Zesty ginger and sweet apple pieces are a delightful combination. Fruity, spicy and bold; it’s the perfect tea cocktail ingredient. Warm your mug with hot water while you’re prepping your drink.

¾ cup water just under a boil
1 Tablespoon Apple Ginger Green Tea
1 ounce whiskey
1 teaspoon honey, to taste
2 to 3 teaspoons lemon juice, to taste
1 slice of lemon

Let water cool until it is around 175 °F (79.4 °C). Steep tea for 2-3 minutes, then strain. Add the whiskey, honey and lemon juice. Play with the amount of lemon juice and honey until it suits your taste buds. Stir until the honey dissolves. Garnish with a lemon slice and enjoy!

Bonus Recipe: Try home-brewed Kombucha and a shot of gin. Healthy, fizzy Kombucha brewed with our Kombucha Scoby live culture and brewing kit will start you on your way.

Low-alcohol tea cocktails pair nicely with everything from appetizers to main dishes to dessert. Pair your Turmeric Chai Tea Cocktail with hearty appetizers. The Apple Buttered Rum Oolong Cocktail is delicious with fruity desserts.

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Have you ever tried making low-alcohol tea cocktails at home? What are your favorite combinations? Let us know in the comments below!

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