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Why Loose Leaf Tea?

Why loose-leaf tea?

Tea is personal; everyone has their own way to make the perfect cup. Drinking loose-leaf offers another way to add even more variety to your daily tea rituals. It’s a small way to be more present, to watch the tea leaves unfurl, to wait for the right moment to pour your freshly made tea into your favorite cup.

Loose-leaf preparation preserves the richness and complexity of the tea. When the whole leaves can fully expand, their nuanced flavors can be released. Brew your tea as unconstrained as possible and allow the leaves to circulate. Your tea will reach its full flavor potential.
Commercial tea bags are a modern invention to make tea drinking more convenient, but it created a lower-quality tea. “Dust and fannings,” fragments of the leaf left over after the full and larger leaves are sorted out is often what goes into the pre-packaged, commercial teabag. The bag also restricts where larger leaves can go. This crushed leaf provides a one-dimensional, strong flavor and typically is only good for one steeping.

Loose-leaf teas are enjoyable,a great value and offer a delicious, multi-faceted drink. Experience these benefits:


Large, full-leaf tea is superior to anything that will fit in a flat, white commercial teabag. The classic “two leaves and a bud” seasonally harvested (in some cases by hand) takes the newest top three leaves and creates a high-quality cup with beautiful aromas and dynamic flavor.


Brewing tea in its loose-leaf form allows the hot water to infuse every inch of a quality tea, producing the freshest, fullest flavor possible. Many nuances are extracted from whole tea leaves when they are allowed to expand fully in hot water.

Tea leaves need room to expand for full-bodied flavor. You want to give the tea leaves enough room, whether in your teapot or cup to unfold and unfurl.

Loose-leaf allows you to control the strength of your tea, to your own preference. Also, you can blend different types of tea to truly create your own flavor profile.


Inhale deeply when you open your container of loose-leaf tea. The leaf is bright in aroma and flavor, making an overall better drinking experience. Loose-leaf teas are typically purchased seasonally and timed with harvests. They are stored in air-tight containers (compared to grocery store brands which may sit on shelves for months).


Simply measuring a teaspoon of loose-leaf tea into an infuser or teapot doesn’t require more time or effort than tearing a teabag open out of its (extra) outer packaging. If you require a bag, check out our large Personal Tea Bags. Pre-fill these large bags and take on-the-go.


It is lovely to watch leaves unfurl as the tea infuses to develop its full flavor. Wait for that transformational moment when the infusion becomes its perfect rich hue you are looking for. Let it add a little beauty to your day. Check out our favorite teaware for loose leaf tea.

We offer over 140 loose-leaf teas to enjoy! Discover your favorites…
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