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Teaware to brew loose leaf tea

Our favorite teaware to steep loose leaf tea

Looking for teaware to steep your loose leaf tea? Loose leaf teas are delicious and a great value. They are high quality and flavorful, easy to prepare, and beautiful to watch brew. Read more about Why Loose-Leaf Tea on our blog.

Drinking loose leaf tea in your favorite teaware offers another way to add even more variety to your daily tea rituals. It’s a small way to be more present, to watch the tea leaves unfurl, to wait for the right moment to pour your freshly made tea into your favorite cup.

Tea is personal. Everyone has their own way to make the perfect cup, but you can check out our Tea 101 page for some starter tips. Loose-leaf preparation preserves the richness and complexity of the tea. When the whole leaves fully expand, their nuanced flavors can be released. Use teaware that allows your tea to brew as unconstrained as possible and allow the leaves to circulate. Your tea will reach its full flavor potential this way.

And, it makes brewing tea even more fun!

Teaware for Loose Leaf Teas

We only carry teaware that is well designed and looks as good as it performs. When you purchase our simple, fuss-free brewing equipment and loose leaf tea, you can save money and have a high quality tea experience.

Teaz Infuser Mug

Stoneware Teaz Infuser Mug

Try our stoneware Teaz Infuser Mug. It holds 11 ounces and comes with a stainless steel infuser to brew your favorite loose leaf teas with ease. It comes in its own gift box so it can easily be given as a gift.

See Teaz Infuser Mug Now

Teaz Stoneware Teapot

Teaz Stoneware Teapot

Stoneware teapots are known for holding heat more effectively, which means no more reheating water. Our Teaz Stoneware Teapot is strong and adds a touch of elegance to your morning. Featuring the athena shape, it has a wide base and thin back with a long upright spout to help pour tea quick and easy.See the Teaz Stoneware Teapot

See Teaz Teapot Now

Glass Teapot

Glass Teapot 22oz

A clear glass teapot is the perfect vessel to watch your leaves unfurl.

This 22 oz. Glass Teapot is composed of borosilicate glass, which is durable and thermal shock resistant. A glass infuser is included.See the Glass Teapot, and also see more glass teaware here.

See Glass Teapot Now


Stainless Steel Tea Tumbler

Fusion Stainless Steel Tea Tumbler

Do you commute to work? This Stainless Steel Tea Tumbler is a great companion. Our tea infuser mug solves the main issue with nearly every other tea mug; the ability to brew tea and stop the infusion process without having to remove the tea from the mug. Perfect for on-the-go tea drinkers.

See Tea Tumbler Now

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